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We are entrusted to build a sustainable domestic defense industry sector that delivers significant social and economic benefits, while reinforcing the Kingdom’s autonomy, military readiness and national security. We are Approved Contractor of Saudi Military Industries (SAMI).

MEG is the company specialized in the improvement and development of energetic materials production lines. With exclusive technology, it has the capability of creating highly automated and efficient plants. During gulf war MEG was one of the leading service provider for US Army. Currently we are working with BAE (British Aerospace), NMA (National Maritime Academy) and Saudi Military Saudi Chemical Project, Civil Defence Factory, MACJEE Defence Industry Group etc.

Production lines

With the modern processes, the manufacturing lines use automated resources that increases safety and reduce the need of manual operations.

  1. EPC
  2. Equipment installations.
  3. Monitoring of the project by the customer from basic engineering to final delivery.
  4. Development of specific technological solutions for each project.
  5. Plant maintenance assistance.